Doing this shit has been a convoluted route. 

Right now SuperBowl 49 is on it’s 17-14, Seahawks. I’m about to reattach myself to a computer. The things that need to happen first? Putting Jade to bed, actually eating, and any other house duties… I was recently asked and accepted a Film Correspondent at, with Ballistic Blade Productions. First stories starting next week.

I’ll be doing filmed interviews of above and below the line people. Also looking to do industry, software and hardware vendors also. I even have some public officials in mind.

There are other things happening, but that requires patience.

Rich is also doing his thing, trying his best to make 2015 an above average year.

NEVER take you eye off the ball.

Right now, I’m taking the training, and Allan McKay’s training is no-damn-joke. Back to the lab with a pen and a pad. A part of that training requires software that I do not have. is where I am humbly taking donations. If you are seeking the caps and cups (as they are currently Austin only) let me know and I’ll know how much shipping is. I am updating: and

For those that have been riding along, the ride is actually getting faster.

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