Working on “Precipice“.
It is basically R&D for the obvious bigger things. A big step in the right direction.
“Trying to gauge interest here. Would you participate in a crowdfunding campaign that featured a Mocha Latte Productions shirt, cup, posters of one of the cast as a poster and a copy of one of the futuristic weapons? I am looking to raise enough capital to finish development and the beginning of Pre-Production for a live action Miitary Sci-Action short called “Precipice”. I may have two other surprises, but that is only after I evaluate the answers all of you leave here. THANK YOU!! MLP
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Yesterday, I moderated two panels at Captivate.
They were awesome, wonderful! The amount of candor, the freedom and the comfort to let the subject matter be fleshed out was refreshing.
Going back to see one more panel.