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The faster you want things to change, the slower things seem to happen.

Truth? One thing didn’t happen. Might not happen. Still, the next stage of things require a bit of risk and here is an outline of that risk.

“If we go the crowdfunding route for the project we have next year, here are the current numbers (based on who has responded to our queries, so far). Pre-Crowdfunding numbers-

Renting Longhorn Caverns (all the other ones actually cost more and 2 of them recommended Longhorn). – $1800

Software –
Fume FX $845,
Nuke X- $ 8070
Krakatoa $1575
3DS Max $4300
EMS, Fire, Police – Police to close off streets around the area a total of points of street blockage
16 hours over 2 days for the Congress part of the shoot -(16 hours for the Barton Creek and the trail around the south part of the river.
Police Officer – $58.00 per hour (potentially total 34 points of street closures x 40= 14688
Police Sergeant (Supervisor) – $78.00 per hour (x40 for 5 days) 15600

Fire Department +50 permit fee
$160.00/hr. for each required apparatus standby (1 hr minimum)(x16) 2610

Stunt Ranch (for firearms training en masse and use of firearms for the shoot itself). currrently no number

Insurance – $1.5 – $2 Million policy – $2000-2500/day for pyrotechnics because to the use of blanks and some locations won’t let us film there without it. (x2)

$1400/day – jib with truck 2 days
giant green screen
6 day rental, 3 or 4 camera rental for 5 of those days
Red, Sony F5, F35 (need camera that have good color depth)

Haven’t even went over paying actors, crew, post production and craft services or porta potties

Over Goal Objectives
Depending on funding – Autodesk Ultimate Suite $8395
Extra 15 mins of footage.
expanded set of rewards

So without knowing the totals for the rentals for lights, cameras and personnel and to give proper rewards and percentages to the crowdfunding sites – the current total is $57,288. Rethinking scope and what is needed to pare down for a something that people would be willing to give to. We have the people, it’s funding it.

After speaking with Jim Butler, with the City of Austin, he gave me some contacts within the city to help bring down some those costs.

Now off train on matchmoving, and camera tracking.

On to the next year.

BY THE WAY- Chilimbwe Washington is the new Austin Chapter President for the Autodesk Entertainment User Groups.

2014 is going to be BUSY year.