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The bad news. The good news. 

The bad news. Still haven’t gotten DCC (Digital Content Creation) software. 

The good news. Again, I have a worthy computer. I have 3DS Max, Maya and Houdini for evaluation purposes. There is a LOT of behind the scenes stuff happening that we can’t go into. Let it be said that the road to being a content creator can be a twisty one. If you have patience it can be done.

Now without further ado, this is a presentation at Austin City Hall by Chilimbwe Washington. *”Please ignore the mistakes in the presentation and grab the gist of it. Note – To the Texas Film Commission, you guys are alright right with me. I have no problems with you.”*

He is there to talk about: small film making in general, some possible solutions and right from the beginning a subject that studio execs are forgetting about – STORY.