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Good Day Everyone

My name is Chilimbwe Washington, I am currently living in Austin, texas. I am asking your help to assist me in finishing my visual effects education (Think of the superhero movies and all the CGI, that’ll be me). I am a married father of 2 and am working multiple jobs to help pay the bills.

The 2 courses I am training in is taught by Allan McKay (, FXTDT, making visual effects (VFX) for film and the Live Action Series. This helps put VFX into live acation footage.

Unfortunately, the time that I spend doing the work to pay the bills takes time from doing studying. Other than time, there are unforeseen issues that are at play also, increasing the time to finish training.

To pay the bills and allow full time training to completion will take 1 year.

I am asking for $39,000. Three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars to take the relief from my wife will allow us the chance to level up through education.

The following links are some the examples of what I’ve done: making a 3D version of myself next to dying vampire, making a fireball occur in a place, etc…

There are PLENTY of worthy causes to consider on this website. I just hope that when considering to let me complete my education. To prove the progress of my education, I will post once a week my progress. I’d post more, but this stuff is no joke. I am learning programming/making plugins, fluid dynamics, rigid body destruction

I thank you for your time and allowing my family to use the creative arts to level up.

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